The Glister, a Novel by John BurnsideReview
John Burnside delivers a cautionary tale illustrating that greed and an indifference to suffering are the real horrors of modern life... [B]leakly beautiful.... Burnside expertly details an apocalyptic landscape where the expectation of failure is rampant....Burnside's flawless prose explores how defeat is only a state of mind. --Publishers Weekly

Nobody does eerie quite like John Burnside. His exquisite and haunting new novel Glister...has an insistent force, overturning the reader s expectations and building to a truly shocking climax....I doubt I will read a more unsettling and memorable book this year. --Scotsman

The Glister is wickedly good. Burnside writes with a dark and beautiful splendor, navigating the space between despair and redemption in a simply brilliant story that will linger long after the last, haunting images.


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