strategy to make moneyTrade to Win provides readers with a variety of strategies to profit in today's stock, futures, and options markets. Written by veteran trader Tom Busby, this book describes repetitive market behaviors that can be used to trade profitably. The strategies outlined here include day trading the DAX, the German stock index; taking advantage of time-of-day patterns in the S&P 500; making quick profits based on earnings announcements; creating a short-term stock portfolio utilizing Wiley's Stock Trader's Almanac (978-0-470-22902-6); and profiting when rolling over an option position.

Those who succeed in the financial marketplace are the ones who expect to do so. They learn about the markets, they work at their craft, and, as markets and technologies change, they change with them.

Nobody understands this better than author Thomas Busby. Over the years, he has traded an array of products, including equities, futures, commodities, precious metals, ETFs, and options, and, in so doing, has developed some sensible moneymaking strategies. Now, with Trade to Win, you have the opportunity to learn from a professional trader who teaches from the experience of doing daily battle with the bulls and bears of today's financial markets.

Divided into three comprehensive parts, Trade to Win opens up by explaining the fundamental elements of Busby's trading approach. It deals with the significance and use of time, key numbers, and market indicators, and discusses how these elements of trading work together to help you properly "read the tape" and understand the language of the markets.

Part II moves on to detail specific trading strategies. Here, you'll find strategies for trading stocks, options, futures, and other financial products. Some of the strategies outlined exploit market inefficiencies that are created as trading shifts from one major time zone to another, while others will allow you to profit from the interdependence among market sectors. Rounding out this in-depth look at making it in today's markets, Part III of Trade to Win goes beyond the numbers to address a few of the often overlooked aspects of this endeavor, including risk management, money management, and the impact of emotions on your trading.

If you're looking for a trading system for all markets, you won't find it here. In fact, you won't find it anywhere. Systems don't work because financial markets are always in a state of flux.

And it's not only prices that move, but also the general economy and the mindset of traders that change. The only way to be an effective trader over the long-term is to learn and adapt as things change. That's what thisbook is all about, and the information you findthroughout these pages will allow you toachieve this goal and improve your overalltrading consistency and profits in the process.

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