Book Description

Author Stephen Windwalker's 6500-word article is a Kindle owner's dream, newly packed with great tips and resources including: How to Use the Amazon Kindle for Email, A Dozen More Great Tips & Shortcuts to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Kindle, Play a Game on Your Kindle, Keep a Photo Album on Your Kindle, Bookmark Any Page, Paginate Your Home Page, Sort Your Home Page, Move Quickly Through a Document, Check the Time, Set a Personal Screen Saver, Skip a Song, Justify Your Text (or Not), Slideshow, A Favorite Source for Free Books, Refresh Revised Content At No Charge, Kindle Accessories, and Links to Great Guides and References. Readers may update this content at any time through Amazon's "Your Media Library" feature. More than just a great e-Book reader, the Amazon Kindle is a multi-purpose device that allows its owners (among many other features) to keep up with their email just about anywhere and anytime, without paying monthly connection fees.